Basic Hindi Verbs & Exercise 5 – Learn Hindi Verbs Through English

Basic Hindi Verbs

I am trying to teach you basic Hindi verbs and to use them in Hindi sentences. So, far we have already learnt 4 Hindi verbs. Now in thsi tutorial you will learn another verb called – To Calculate. Few words to learn and remember before proceeding, if possible note it down in your Hindi notebook.

Hisaab हिसाब – Calculation

Hissaab Kar हिसाब कर  – Root Verb

Hisaab Karna हिसाब करना  – To Calculate

Hisaab Kar  Rha (रहा)/Rhee(रही)/Rhe(रहे) – Continuous form.

Other forms of the  tense I will teach you later in grammar section.  Here I am just trying to inform you these basic Hindi verbs and to use them quickly in sentences with examples.

Few examples of the sentences using above basic Hindi verbs.

Mujhe Hisaab Pasand Hai. I like calculation. 

मुझे           हिसाब  पसंद    है |

Mujhe Hisaab Karna Pasand Hai. –  I like to do calculation

learn hindi with anil mahato

मुझे        हिसाब        करना  पसंद      है |

Meri Bahan Hisaab Me Bahut Achchhee Hai. – My sister is good in calculation.

मेरी     बहन      हिसाब   में      बहुत       अच्छी      है |

Hisaab Karna Sikho. – Learn to calculate

हिसाब     करना   सिखो |

Main Hisaab Kar Rha Hoon. – I am calculating.

मैं       हिसाब     कर    रहा    हूँ |
Now its time to learn from video. Watch the following video in which you will learn the above basic Hindi verbs. Listen and read carefully and see the lipsing while pronouncing the words. Because this will help your spell the word correctly in Hindi.

If you are finisehd watching this video, then its time to exercise the concept you learnt from above video.Now I want you to make some 3- 4 sentences using the basic Hindi verbs & words above you learnt. Do not worry about mistakes, if you won’t mistake you won’t learn anything. Make mistakes as much as you can , but never repeate them. If i find any mistakes I will correct them. Exercise in the comment section and then take the following test which will help you examining you knowledge on above basic Hindi verbs.[WATU 7]

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