How to Put Apostrophe & Make Cool Hindi Sentences (+Video)

In the previous lessons you learnt to ask simple Hindi questions like what is this, what is that ? Now, let’s expand our horizon little bit . Let’s increase the concept in the same questions and answers style by using apostrophe.

Let me tell few things before going to structures for learning apostrophe. I have been repeating since very long time about the possessive form of pronouns – like His, Hers, My, Mine, Your, Yours, Their, Their, Our, Ours etc. I believe you have learnt them very well, if not then I request you to learn them first. Click here to learn.

As this is just one step more than previous Question – Answers Hindi lessons, so we will only focus on ‘s form like Ram’s , Dad’s , Mom’s etc. 

For that you need to learn to put proper Ka, Ki & Ke. I am sure if you are following my Hindi lessons ,you know very well how to choose them, but I would like to repeat again.

Noun+ Ka + Masculine Singular Word ____________

Noun + Ki  + Feminine Word ( Singular + Plural) ______

Noun + Ke + Masculine Plural form/ Masculine Oblique Form / Singular Masculine Respectful Name/Word ___

Let me give you some example.

Raam Ki Maata Jee. ( Ram’s Mother)

राम     की    माता   जी |

Raam Ka Bhai. ( Ram’s brother)

राम   का    भाई |

Raam Ke Pitaa Jee ( Ram’s dad)

learn hindi with anil mahato

राम      के     पिता  जी |

Raam Ke Bachche ( Ram’s kids)

राम       के   बच्चें |

Raam Ki Kitaaben (राम की किताबें |) – Raam’s Books

Raam Ke Khilaune (राम के खिलौने |) – Raam’s Toys

Raam Ka Ghar (राम का घर |) – Raam’s house.

Let’s make a small Hindi conversation based on previous few lessons.

Anil – Ye Kya Hai ? (What is this ?)

Sunil – Ye Ghar Hai.

Anil – Vo Kya Hai ? ( What is that ?)

Sunil – Vo Raam Ki Gaadi Hai. (That’s Raam Car.)

Anil – aur Vo ? (And That ? )

Sunil – Vo Raam Ka Gend Hai. ( That’s Raam’s ball.) –  I mean ball like foot ball , volleyball, not dirty ;P


Exercise : Translate the following English sentences in Hindi in the comment section below. I will surely check them.

1. It’s Anil’s book.

2. It’s Reema’s sweets.

3. This is Aamir Khan’s Film.

4. That is Shah Rukh Khan’s wife.

5. That’s Anil’s girl friend.

6. That is Apple’s Laptop.

7. That is the prime ministers’s  rest room.

8.  Heartily People’s Delhi

New Hindi Vocabularies You May Need Help : 

Sweets – Mithaaee

Girl friend – Premika

Rest Room – vishraam Kaksh विश्राम कक्ष

Heartily – Dilwaale दिलवाले, in oblique case – Dilwaalon दिलवालों

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