My Favorite All time Funny Indian Kid Dancing (Video)

funny indian kid dancing videos
India Got Talent – Indian YouTube Star

My Favorite All time Funny Indian Kid Dancing Video

There are so many funny videos on YouTube based on India & Indians, some are dancing,  some are singing, some are trolling  , cultural  and many more. In this post, specially I am going to talk about one of my all time  funny Indian kid dancing video on YouTube. You must know onething about Indians dancing and singing is their all time favorite hobby. When kids are small they make them dance, sing, wear the dresses of gods & goddess and many more such things which can be really surprising for you.

We all know Bollywood has been a great resoure for International people to know about India. We all love bollywood and its songs. Unlike hollywood , we have songs in movie and dance is very neccessary part of it. You can ask your Indian friends, what do they do when they get drunk or they get very happy or even when they get sad.. they like to dance , sing songs .. and Bollywood is great place to peace and fun all the time.

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In the following video , you will meet my favorite all time funniest Indian Kid. He is amazing. His video has got over 4.77 million hits on Youtube and has been shared and uploaded in various social medias.. You must looks his body language and star feeling in him. This is very entertaining. More than the songs, his moves and face makes me laugh so hard. This has been one of my all time LMAO video from India.

Don’t forget to watch and share !! Let me know your feelings on this all time funniest Indian Kid on Youtube.

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