Alien Baby Born in Chhattisgarh India

You might be wondering , and probably what ? What ? What ? This word might was in your mouth when you read the title. This is not a fake story or trying to make some viral story. This is a true story of a baby born in state of Chhatisgarh, India. The baby born in Chattisgarh hospitl has got a look which is so different than a normal babies born. She was born in 7 months. Take a look on the picture below yourself.

Alien Baby Born in Chattisgarh India

We all know, many Indian believe in superstitions , so some people are saying goddess take birth in her look , some say Alien and many more such airy talks. But according to children specialist Dr BR Bhagat, the baby girl is suffering from a disease called Herculean in medical term. Dr. Bhagat also added, only rare baby born in 100,000. And chances of survival of such kids is very minimum. The parents of the baby girl has been suggested by doctors to shit to a bigger city hospital in Raipur, India.

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The baby face is pretty much developed by ear lacks development which gives so different look to her.  Also, her eyes are not developed well , they are under developing phase, that is why they are looking so red.On top of everything, her skin is has got many lines like a tortoise. Some body organs are not developed, or less developed while some body organs are extra developed. As you see, her skin color is green like Radium shining at dark.

These unique feature in the baby body is making her so popular in Indian national television, newspaper and social media. The present condition is so hilarious, people from all over India is making crowd there to see her.

Take a look on the video of the unique baby born in chhatisgarh, India


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