A Million Dollar Morning In Paradise – A Trip to Heaven

I always love traveling, hiking and meeting with new people around the world. But lately due to busy schedule, I couldn’t break my self free and feel my love.  It was as normal day evening time around 7 PM,  I was going through some webpages. Suddenly one of my friend made call, “hey Anil bro, I am feeling bored. Can we go some hill station.”  It was like my call from inside. He asked where and how. then I , with my 2 other friends from New Delhi (INDIA) planned to visit some hill stations,  cold places, as Delhi is throwing up heat.

We all never had touched snow in our entire life. A month ago (in May 20, 2014), suddenly we made plan in 2 hours at evening made vehicle ready and moved to Kullu Manali with the dream to reach Leh Ladakh, which could not be achieved, as Indo-Tibetan Border Security force had stopped the road due to heavy snow fall.  They have now opened the road by June 15, if you want to visit, you can now. By air you can visit anytime Leh Ladakh.

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Orange Sun Kissing the Mountains in a wonderful morning – Himanchal Pradesh, INDIA

Though, we couldn’t make Leh,  we had so much fun in the way. Above video was shot as we entered into state of Himanchal Pradesh, India. We were driving whole night and in the morning as I wake up in the back seat.I got surprised with the incredible mountain view being kissed by orange sun. That was one of the beautiful morning I ever experienced. I have a lot of video and much more excited and heart taking videos. I will upload them gradually. The second morning video was shot on the road to Rohtang from Manali, and first time in our life we touched snow .. woooo hooo. I couldn’t explain but I am sure you will be able to understand & please feel the heart. Sometime, life just needs to change the way of looking. Sometime, life needs to be crazy , we left our busy schedule and planned the trip, Indeed, it was one very good decision. I got very happy from very inside by watching the mountains, clouds and sun playing hide and seek.

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