7 Continents Names in Hindi & English (महाद्वीपों के नाम)

I was asked by one subscriber on YouTube whether we have same name for all the 7 continents in Hindi like in English language or not. So I thought to make a lesson on it. So, here I present you 7 continents names in Hindi & English.

All names of 7 continents are pretty much same like in English but two contents North America & South America is little different in Hindi language.

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1. Asia – Ashiya एशिया

2. Africa – Afrika अफ्रीका

3. Europe – Yuurop यूरोप

4. North America – Uttari Amrika उत्तरी अम्रीका

5. South America – Dakshini Amrika दक्षिणी अम्रीका

6.Australia – Australiya ऑस्ट्रलिया

7. Antarctica – Antarktika अंटार्टिका 

Note : Hindi translation has been made based on local pronunciation by native Hindi speakers.

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