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India being such a diverse and big country,  it’s not surprising to find people being confused about India. It is one of the oldest and greatest civilizations of the world. There are many unique things in India, many of which are still unknown to the rest of the world. There is a great diversity in the nation in almost every aspect, be it religion, language, food or dressing. Tourists and researchers from all around the world often visit India to study about its distinct heritage and  diverse culture. Articles in magazines and internet are almost regularly published around the world about the lifestyle and culture of the Indians. Still people are confused and do carry some misconceptions about India. The list being quite long need to be summarized within some main and key points. This article will give you a more clear and a better view of India. So, here is a list of 6 Misconceptions about India.


1. Everyone is Hindu.

Nope. Though Hinduism is the largest religion here, every Indian is not a Hindu. India is home to people following different religions including Christianity, Sikhism, Islam, Buddhism, Jainism, Judaism, Zoroastrianism, and the Bahá’í Faith. India has the world’s largest Hindu, Sikh, Jain, Zoroastrian, and Bahá’í populations. . As per the 2011 census, 80.5% population of India are Hindus, but still the fact remains that not all of them.

2. Hindi is the national language of India/ Everyone speaks Hindi here.

Though Hindi is the first official language of India, hundreds of millions of people do not speak it. India has no national language although it is home to several hundred languages. In many Indian states Hindi is not the language people use in the street. It has to be learned in school. In south Indian states even English is more common than Hindi. Still, Hindi is the most widespread and most spoken language in India. So if you want to travel in India then learning Hindi will definitely be beneficial.

3. The food is spicy here.

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The food here is amazingly diverse, with each state offering with different cuisine. Although spices are generously used in most of the north Indian dishes, you can still enjoy food items which are not at all spicy. Surprising to most of the foreigners, the staple foods of India ( Chapati and boiled rice) are not at all spicy.Food items in every state is unique in its own way from the method of preparing to the taste. We Indians have got a soft corner for desserts and sweets. Jaggery (made from raw sugarcane) is enjoyed with daily meal by a large population of north India. Sweet dishes like Gulaab Jamuns, Rasogullas, Laddo, Kheer, Halwa are savoured throughout India.

4. Everyone is vegetarian in India.

Again a big misconception. Many people, mostly Hindus follow a vegan diet in India but a much large population does not. Lot of people here include sheep, chicken, and fish in there diet. Again, state, geographical location and also religious beliefs do affect the choice of food. You will find fish as a common dish among the people living in coastal states of India.

5. Indians are poor and hungry.

 Well, I am surprised how people make this image of India in their minds. Especially people from the western countries feel that India is a land of poor people. My advise to them will be to attend a wedding here. This misconception will be cleared when you will find the average lady wearing more gold than you can probably imagine. Surely there are some poor people in this country but then there are also many rich millionaires and billionaires in this country. In fact many Indian tycoons are now big international giants in the business industry and have overtaken many big companies across the world.

6. India is a very hot country. 

India is a very big country with some very contrasting climates from the hot deserts  to the hill stations and the coastal regions. Although there are places in India which are very hot, but being such a huge country it lies in different temperature zones. One can experience sweaty hot summers, snow fall in winters, monsoon rainfall, amazing coastal weather and the dry desert in the same country. With so many other diversities, the amazing diverse weather throughout the country just adds to its beauty and make it an awesome travel destination.

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