30 Essential Basic Hindi Phrases To Learn Before Visiting India

Basic Hindi Phrases to Learn before travelling to IndiaIf you are planning to visit India and want to have  a great memory with very comfortable travelling then you should know Hindi language. But learning Hindi requires a lot of time, which may not be with you. So, I decided to teach you at least some very essential basic Hindi phrases that you need to learn before flying to India.

Basic Hindi Phrases 1 – Hello / Hi

Namaskar (नमस्कार) / Namaste(नमस्ते)

The very first phrase you need to learn before travelling to India is saying Hello formally, which is Namaskar or Namaste.

Basic Hindi Phrases 2 – How are you ?

I think, 2nd phrase you need to learn is to ask somebody “how are you ?” which in Hindi is –

Informal – Kya Hal Hai ? ( क्या हाल है ?)

Formal – Aap Kaise Hain ? (Masculine)

               आप    कैसे       हैं ?

               Aap Kaisee Hain ? ( Feminine)

                आप    कैसी     हैं ?

Basic Hindi Phrases 3 –  Thank you

To say thank you in Hindi we generally use two phrases –

A.   Dhanyavaad (धन्यवाद)                  B.Shukriya (शुक्रिया) 

First one Dhayvaad is Hindi and Shukriya is second Urdu, though it is taken from Urdu language , it is used quite often in India.

Basic Hindi Phrases 4 –  No thanks

We don’t have the exact way of saying No thanks in Hindi but you can say following phrase when you are travelling around in India which means – No, I am fine. Thank you.

 Nahi , Main theek hoon. Shukriya.

 नहीं ,      मैं     ठीक          हूँ | शुक्रिया |

Basic Hindi Phrases 5 – Please

Please in Hindi language we say – Kripaya कृपया

Basic Hindi Phrases 6 – Do you speak English ?

Now this is going to be surely very useful for you when you are travelling India and you don’t speak Hindi. You may have to ask people often, hey sir/ ma’am, do you speak English ?. So in Hindi, we have ask differently to males & females.

To ask a male – Kya Aap Angrezee Bolte Hain ?

                              क्या   आप अंग्रेज़ी          बोलते      हैं ?

To Ask a Female – Kya Aap Angrezee Boltee Hain ?

                                   क्या  आप     अंग्रेज़ी     बोलती      हैं ?

Basic Hindi Phrases 7 – I don’t speak/ know Hindi

Somwhere while travelling around India, you may be asked, hey do you speak Hindi or do you know Hindi language or may be you have to admist first yourself before starting any conversation – hey guys, I don’t understand Hindi, I don’t speak Hindi. So this sentence , I think , is going to help you.

Mujhe Hindi Nahi Aati Hai.

 मुझे       हिंदी    नहीं   आती    है |

 This sentences literely means – I don’t know Hindi, which eventually means – you don’t speak Hindi.

Basic Hindi Phrases 8 –  Nice to meet you .

Aap Se Milkar Bahut Achchha Lagaa.

आप  से    मिलकर  बहुत      अच्छा         लगा |

Here I added bahut बहुत from my side, which means very – so its like – Its very nice to meet you.

Basic Hindi Phrases 9  – Can you help me ?

  Kya Aap Meri Madat Kar Sakte Hain ?

  क्या  आप   मेरी       मदत   कर    सकते     हैं ?

To Simply say – Help me, Please

Kripaya, Madat Karen

  कृपया ,   मदत     करें | 

Basic Hindi Phrases 10 –  Yes 

To say Yes in Hindi we have to phrase and both are very much used , so you can learn anyone.

1. Haan (हाँ)               2.  Haanjee (हांजी)  ( more polite)

Basic Hindi Phrases 11 –  No

To say No , again just like yes, we have two different phrase, you can learn any one phrase.

1. Naa (ना)                   2. Naa Jee(नाजी) (polite way)

Basic Hindi Phrase 12 –  Where is ……….. ?

Now while travelling you may have to ask, where is some place, or something in Hindi, that time, I think, this sentence is going to help you so much.

Ye  _____(name it in English)________ Kahaan Hai ?)

ये     ___________________________     कहाँ       है ?

13. How  to go ………. ? 

Similary you have have to ask the direction to go somewhere in the city or town. You may get kind of confused to reach the place. So, its obvious to ask somebody, but how you are going to ask that in Hindi. Use this sentence below to ask :

____(Name of the place in English)___ + Kaise Jaayen ?

____________________________    +  कैसे       जायें ?

Visiting India & shopping , who is going to loose that deal. But beware my friend, you can get cheap deal or may be expensive than your counry, because , your skin can make traders, shop keepers greedy. Wheather you are white in color or black or even if they see not speaking well in Hindi, they hike the price in unbeliavable rate.  Below are thee phrases that you may need to learn to ask the price of any good in Hindi and saying its expensive if you find the deal not in usual rate.

14. How much does it cost? 

       Ye Kitne Ka Hai ?

      ये   कितने  का   है ?

15. Its very expensive. 

     Ye Bahut Mahanga Hai.

     ये    बहुत      महंगा        है |

learn hindi with anil mahato

You may need above Basic Hindi phrase at the time of bargaining while shopping in India.

16. Give some discount  

  Kuchh Chhut Deejiye.

  कुछ         छुट        दीजिये |  

17. You are very nice .

To a male – Aap Bahut Achchhe Hain.

                             आप    बहुत         अच्छे       हैं |

To a female – Aap Bahut Achchhee Hain.

                          आप  बहुत      अच्छी            हैं |

18. How to say __________ in Hindi

Sometime you try to express something in English but people don’t understand it so, you may have to tell them in Hindi. But if you don’t know how to say that in Hindi, you can ask people by using the phrase below.

(English Word/phrase/Setence) + Hindi Me Kaise Kahen ?

______________________   +   हिंदी    में     कैसे        कहें ?

19. I liked it very much .

In my opinion, after eating or getting some services from somebody, you would like to give feedback, that you liked that very much. Then in such cases you can following phrase in Hindi.

Mujhe Bahut Pasand Aaya.

मुझे         बहुत      पसंद    आया |

20. Can you show me more.

When you are in market and trying to buy something, but you want to choose from many samples. That time , you may need the following phrase, can you show me more in Hindi language.

Kya Aap Mujhe Aur Dekha Sakte hain ?

क्या   आप   मुझे       और   देखा      सकते     हैं ?

21. What is your name ?

It is very good to know to ask people’s name and calling them by their name. Imagine, you are asking their name in Hindi may beyour tour guide or the place where you live or the people whom you are going to meet them frquently. And try to call them always with their name, they will like it very much. So, to ask – what is your name in Hindi, you can use follwing phrase.

    AapKa Naam Kya Hai ?

     आपका      नाम      क्या     है ?

22. My name is ……

    Mera Naam ________ Hai.

    मेरा      नाम _________   है |

E.g – Mera Naam  Anil Mahato  Hai ( My name is Anil Mahato.)

          मेरा       नाम      अनिल महतो    है |

23. Where do you live ?

You may have to ask some of your Indian friends, or friends friend , where do they stay or live, so why no to ask them in Hindi ? So again it will be different with gender.

For male 

  Aap Kahaan Rahate Hain ?

  आप   कहाँ          रहते         हैं ?

For Female

 Aap Kahaan Rahatee Hain ?

  आप   कहाँ          रहती         हैं ?

24. I am from ……….

If somebody asks you , it is better to reply them in Hindi, where are you from. So, let’s learn to answer  in Hindi

   I am from _________

   Main ________ Se Hoon.

    मैं __________  से    हूँ |

Eg. – Main Australia Se Hoon. ( I am from Australia)

           मैं       ऑस्ट्रेलिया से     हूँ |

25. I understand.

During the conversation, we often have to use, ” I understand” . So let’s learn to say that in Hindi. But again it is differnet for male and differnet for female.

If you are male 

 Main Samajhta Hoon.

 मैं           समझता      हूँ |

If you are female

Main Nahi Samajhtee Hoon.

मैं        नहीं       समझती       हूँ |

26. I don’t understand

 Main Nahi Samajhta Hoon.  ( Masculine)

 मैं       नहीं     समझता          हूँ |

Main Nahi Samajhtee Hoon. ( Feminine)

मैं        नहीं       समझती       हूँ |

27. I didn’t understand.

There other method too for saying I didn’t understand , but here I want to teach you simple one with no worry of gender, whether you are male or female you can use following phrase to say – I didn’t understand in Hindi.

Mujhe Samajh Me Nahi Aaya.

मुझे             समझ       में     नहीं     आया |

28. Good bye –



But alvida, is kind of good bye like you are not going to see eachother for long time. but I will suggest you to learn

Achchha chalte hain. Namaskar .

अच्छा        चलते         हैं |     नमस्कार |

This is a wonderful way of saying  bye , which literally means , ok , I am going. B-bye.

29. I am lost.

Main Kho Gayaa. ( Masculine)

मैं         खो     गया |

Main Kho Gayee. (Feminine)

मैं        खो       गयी |

30. Stop 

Rukiye – रुकिए

31. I will miss ________ very much.

Probably, this phrase is going to be very usuful when you really liked something or some person very much. You may get attracted by that person or thing or place so much . When you are leaving the place or person or people , you may want to say.  I will miss you very much, I will miss this place ver much etc. So in such cases , following Hindi phrase you can use.

Mujhe  _________ Ki Bahut Yaad Aayegee.

मुझे      __________ की  बहुत   याद      आयेगी |

In the blank space , fill it with some place name, thing name or You – Aap (आप)

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