28 Fruits Name in Hindi and English with Pictures (+Video +Free Ebook)

Let’s increase our  Hindi vocabulary by learning 28 fruits Names in Hindi and English with Pictures. Fruits and vegetables are common words we use while speaking Hindi language. In this post and video, I have tried to include the most commonly seen & eaten fruits in our day to day life. I believe they will be helpful for you.

All the fruits names are written in Devanagari, Hindi & English with beautiful picture for easy understanding and reading feasibility. I tried to include maximum fruits names, if I have forgotten to include any fruit names in this list then please leave a comment below. I will be very happy to add it.

Now first learn the all Fruits Names in Hindi and English with me in this video. Then you can download the ebook / PDF file for post study and revisions.


learn hindi with anil mahato
Apple – Seb सेब Apples – Seb सेब
Orange- Santara संतरा Oranges- Santare संतरे
Leeches – Leechi लीची Leeches – Leechiyan लीचियां
Papaya  – Papita पपीता Papayas – Papiten पापीतें
Banana – Kela केला Bananas – kele केले
Pear – Nashpaati नाशपाती Pears – Naashpaatiyan नाशपातियाँ
Blackberry – Shahtoot शहतूत Blackberries  – Shahtoot शःतूत
Watermelon – Tarbhuj तर्भुज Watermelons – Tarbhuj तर्भुज
Melon – Kharbhuj खर्भुज Melons – Kharbhuj खर्भुज
Pomegranate – Anaar अनार Pomegranates – Anaaren अनार
Guava – Amrud अमरुद Guavas – Amruden अमरुद
Jackfruit – KatHal कटहल Jackfruits  – KatHalen कटहल
Grape – Angoor अंगूर Grapes – Angooren अंगूरे
Wood Apple – Bel बेल Wood Apples – Belen बेलें
Pine Apple  – Annanaas  अन्नानास Pine Apple  – Annanaasen अन्नानासें
Mango – aam आम Mangoes – Aam आम
Custard Apple – Sarifa सरीफा Custard Apples – Sarifaayen सरिफायें
Date – Khajoor खजूर Dates – Khajoor खजूर
Coconut – Nariyal नारियल Coconuts – Nariyalen नारियालें
Black Currant – Phalsa फालसा Black Currants – Phalsayen फाल्सायें
Sapota – Cheekoo चीकू Sapotas – Cheekoo चीकू
Lemon- Nimboo नीम्बू Lemons –  Nimboo निम्बू
Wall Nut – Akhrot अखरोट Wall Nuts – Akhroten अखरोटें
Makoi – Makoi मकोई Makoies – Makoi   मकोई
Cucumber – Kakadi Cucumber s – Kakadiyan
Sweet lime – Mausami मौसमी Sweet limes – Mausami मौसमी
Maize  – Makka मक्का Maize – Makken मक्कें
Strawberry – Straw Berry स्ट्रॉ बेर्री Strawberries  – Straw Berries

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