10 Things You Can't Do in Delhi (INDIA) During Summer Comfortably

10 Things You Can’t Do Comfortably in INDIA During Summer

I am writing this article based on my personal experience (except last one 😛 ) and everyday life in New Delhi India where in summer like these days in which temperature goes up to 47-48 Celsius (116 -118 Fahrenheit ). Summer is one of the worst season for Delhities and many other such temperate cities of India and may be in other foreign countries as well. Living in summer in such cities is very hard if you have less money and can’t afford Air condition (AC) units in home or AC Car or travelling in AC Bus. Even AC units refuse to work in such terrible temperature. Thank god at least Delhi metro is well Air conditioned. And people who live below the terrace flat end up cursing sun. Let me share with you 10 Things You Can’t Do in Summer in New Delhi and similar hot weathered cities.

1. Using Bathroom Anytime

You might be wondering why I wrote, why people can’t use bathroom anytime. Well, you can use your bathroom in sweating condition that is not much problematic. The problem is washing your beautiful Bu** , if water consumption in your flat or house is less and you do filling up water tank once in a day or two day.  In India generally we use Water force to clean our Bu** and as water tanks in India are kept in terrace they get super heated due to strong heat. Your gentle, soft and sensitive bu** region won’t be able to touch that boiled water.  I do AAAAAAAAAAA during that.

This video will probably give you more idea about the topic.

2. Washing Your Face & Taking Shower Any Time

Yeah same problem, as water is so boiled you won’t be able to wash your face from wherever you came back to home in summer time. After 1pm its almost impossible to wash your face. So, please store some water in morning for that.

Same, you won’t be able to take shower / bathe after 1 pm, sun reaches it pick point in 9-10 am during summer in India (based on Delhi). So, if you have to do so, store water in big buckets.

3. Walk Around

Summer in India
Walking 45-46 C ( 114-117 F) is very pathetic during summer in Delhi (INDIA)

Can you imagine walking 115-117 Fahrenheit (45-46 Celsius) temperature? You will be sweating all the time like you are a water resource. The air gets warmed so much, so you are breathing very warm air which makes your chest warm. On top of that, the traffic sound.. and horns makes your brain tired and volatile, you get angry so quickly. You feel dizzy so much. These all makes you so hard to walk around in day time in summer.

4. Eating


You know Indian people and many foreigners like street foods due to their taste as well as for the affordable price. Due to extreme heat you won’t enjoy your meal. It’s just you are so hungry you can’t stop yourself eating from wherever you can.

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Even, when you are in home, due to heat, you won’t like to eat much, all you want is to cold drinks. Thanks to god , India has variety of cold drinks made with spices like Jalzeera, Sikanjee etc. on top of modern  carbonated cold drinks like Coca cola, Pepsi etc.

Imagine eating food while you are sweating like you are showering in super hot weather.

5. Travelling By Non AC Bus or Rickshaw

As its obvious Air conditioned bus fare is always more than Non-Ac bus, everybody can’t afford it. So, if you have to travel by non-AC bus, your travel is going to be super pathetic. You cannot have the fun of Rickshaw ride in summer.

6. Work or Job

Sweating during work in summer in India Delhi
This is how I have to sweep out my sweats in every 3 minutes during video shooting.

Now the main important thing related to your profession.  As I already stated majority of people in India cannot afford AC units due to high electric bill. So, people run swap cooler or fan, which do not work when it temperature goes above 40 C. On top of that, the noise of swap cooler is irritating. Imagine you are facing that noise the entire summer not only for few hours.

I do make videos on YouTube, and I have to be in front of camera, which ultimately sucks due to too much sweating.

 7. Run Electric Devices

It’s hot outside, people run more cooling devices everywhere in the city like fan, swap cooler, AC, which consume more electricity and government end up with power cut off. Some places get every day power cut off,  I have also faced 17 hours of power cut off during pick summer time in New Delhi when temperature around 46- 47 C (115-118F).

8. Cooking

cooking during summer
See my face during cooking, sweating & anxiety goes even worse than this 🙁 while cooking during summer in Delhi.

Cooking in morning is comfortable but when you prepare lunch for day and dinner for breakfast you are in pain. So much environmental heat on top of cooking heat is so pathetic. Same applies for evening cooking , not enjoyable the passion of cooking.

9. Exercise & Wearing Dresses

If you are workout lover you are going to have so much problems if you work out at evening due to heat. And if you are do workout in morning then you have to pull your timing earlier. At 7 in the morning sun is almost going to mature.

And wearing dress … haha..  Not only me, lots of guys ,  I don’t know about girls, you will see in home wearing only shorts, even only in underwear only and nothing else.

10. Make Love (S  * X )

Ok, please don’t mind, but this one very important for your entertainment in life. If you don’t have proper cooling system, you won’t enjoy making love during summer. It’s truth.

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