10 Rare Pictures of India – Political & Historic Before 1950s

I have recently been to International Trade for held in Pragati Maidan, New Delhi, India. There were so many fascinating and eye catching photos, objects , historic, cultural & art things. I took more than 500 pictures there. I decided to share some of them with my beautiful friends one by one. Today, in this post I am going to share 10 photos I took from the Delhi House on that International Trade fair. These pictures are historic and very old. All pictures were taken before 1950. All the photo credit goes to their original photographer . I took these photographs with permission to put on my blog from the authority standing on the Delhi house of International Trade Fair, New Delhi, India.  Most of the pictures are from India-Pakistan Partition and some from the  15th, August, 1947 Independence day of India.

We all know, India was under British Empire before 1947. This is one rare picture of India, declaration of Indepenence on a national daily in 1947.

India declared as an Independent nation
Declaration of India as an Independent Country

This is another rare picture of India : On the Indepedence  Day of India, 15th August, 1947.

learn hindi with anil mahato
Independence day India 1947 , august 15
Independence day, August 15, 1947
Gandhiji on Round table conference held on london 1931
Gandhi Jee at Second Round Table Conference Held at London 1931
Flag Hoisting on Independence Day at India Gate 1947, August 15
Flag hoisting on Independence day at India Gate 1947 August 15
First Indian Prime Minister pandit nehru signing constitution of India 1947
First Indian Prime Minister pandit nehru signing constitution of India 1947
India-Pakistan Partition Photos 1947
Old Sikh Man with young son and his wife shiting to new promised home , after India-Pakistan Partition 1947
India Pakistan Separation - Train Coming from Lahore, Pakistan
Train Helping to Shift People to Their New Promised Home
Architechts of Imperial of New Delhi, India
Architechts of Imperial of New Delhi, India
After India Pakistan Partition in 1947
One Refugee Boy in Delhi after India Pakistan Partition 194710 R

The below picutures is not historic photo of India. This is the photo of Delhi House at International Trade Fair, Pragati Maidan, New Delhi, India. The meaning of this Hindi letters is – Delhi is from Us , We are from Delhi.

Delhi is from Us, We are from Delhi
Delhi is from Us, We are from Delhi

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