10 LMAO Photos: Funny Indian Dream Come True Photoshop Pictures

Last night I was surfing internet and I found some really awesome LMAO photos for you. Even when I think and remember, I start laughing. Well though, no offence to dream of anything. At some or other point of life we act like following pictures in some or other prospect.

I am sharing here 15 worst Photoshop images with you – “The Indian Dream” . Please don’t get much pain in your stomach.. because I am rolling on floor.

1. My love for Genelia D’Souza ( Bollywood actress)

Funny bollywood actress photo
My Dream Girl Bollywood Actress Genelia D’Souza

I thought , he will dream that Genelia D’souza will put her head on her shoulder or chest, But it looks this guy is dreaming opposite.

2. Meet “The Legendary Indian Don”

funny don
I am the legend .. I am the don… I am the king .. and I am the god .. huhahaha..

Guy keep dreaming of being god one day ! Sure you are DON in your mind, I wish you all the best your dream come true very soon. But don’t sue me later because I am sharing you now 😛

3. Meet Richest Indian Boy

Funny Indian guy with ferari
Hey guys , this is my new Ferari , do you like it ?

I am sure someday you will buy Ferari. Please give me one ride too in your pant matching ferari. Probably you own more than 20 such with each ferari matching your pant color.

4. Meet the King of Photoshop and Selfie Facebook Status

funny Indian guy on railway track
Selfie.. facebook status …. me on railway track

I simply have no words for you incredible skill and dream to sit on railway track. Anil Hat’s off you , sir !

learn hindi with anil mahato

6. Meet “The Great Indian  Hunter”funny indian photo

Sir, you are probably worst in photoshop but I bet you are best in hunting lion. May be its like a like eating a pie for you. Please share your skills and braveness with us.

7.  My dream to meet & play cricket with Indian Cricket captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni

funny cricket fan photo
Finally, my dream to meet cricket legend and captain of Indian cricket team – MS Dhoni come true

8. Meet my new PET

Funny animal photo
Hey bro, this is my new pet, I really love him so much

So, I decided to contact him and meet his pet. I would really love to take one similar photo with him and famous pet of him.

9. My Ex Girl Friend – Katrina Kaif ( Successful Bollywood Actress)

Me with my ex girl friend , Katrina Kaif ( Bollywood actress)
Me with my ex girl friend , Katrina Kaif ( Bollywood actress)

10. Not funny, but which touched my heart <3 , Only respect from my heart for this great Indian Lover.

funny love story
My love, My Heart, My Life .. this flowers are for you .. I am a soldier, guarding the border of nation, I don’t know when I will return home to see you charming face.. But baby, here I am sending you some flowers.. I love you.

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