10 Indian Street Foods Delhi People Are Addicted To Eat Cost Under 1$

10 Indian Originated Street Foods Delhi People Are Addicted To

Delhi people are known as very foodies in nature. We like to taste all kinds of food we get. And, eating street food from morning to till late night in the street corners at small food stalls and Rediwalas ( seller who sells in small 4 wheel cart) is we Delhi people’s culture. We don’t care whether its healthy or not, but it must be tasty 😛 . I will say, we Delhi people are slaves of our tongue which makes us do anything for eating some or India originated street foods, which we have been eating over centuries. In this post, I am going to show you 10 pure Indian street food , all originated and developed in India but very famous in Delhi , so does in other parts of India. There are many street food but I am only including top 10 in my opinion.

  1. Samosa समोसा
Samosa (समोसा) with green chutney
Samosa (समोसा) with green chutney

Average cost for 1 plate including two Samosa in Delhi

In street – INR 10 – 20 (US $ 0. 16 – 0.32)

In Restaurant  – INR 25 + (US $ 0.41)

Not only Delhi but complete north India including Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan and many other South Asian countries are fan of this absolutely spicy and tasty snack – called Samosa. You can eat this in the morning with tea or at evening around 4-5 or during day time. Indian people love this food all from their heart. This is found entire year in India. Every morning in roadsides, you will find all tea stalls keeping Somosa. It’s spicy vegetables made with potato, peas, cheese etc rapped by dough and boiled in cooking oil. We eat this with chutney which generally come two types – green (little sour) & red (sweet). Samosa works fantastic with Chai.

  1. Chhole Bhature छोले भटूरे
famous indian street foods
Street food of Delhi – Chhole Bhature छोले भटूरे

Average cost for 1 plate including two Bhature in New Delhi

In street – INR 25 -40 (US $ 0. 41 – 0.67)

In Restaurant  – INR 50 + (US $ 0.80)

Chhole Bhature is pure Delhi food, in every street and corner, in every sweet shop whether its Aggarwal’s or Bikaner’s, you will get this balloon shaped food. Bhature is big swollen balloon like maida (all purpose flour) made oil fried roti while Chhole is spicy chick peas curry.

  1. Golgappa गोलगप्पा / Paanipuri  पानीपूरी / Puchka पुचका

Gogappa is one the most famous Indian snack – street food in India as well as abroad. These are swollen ball like food made with either wheat flour or Sooji flour. We break that small balloon shaped and fill with very spicy, sour, peppery water and we put whole in mouth.

most famous indian street food - golgappa, panipuri
Most favorite Indians street food – Golgappa गोलगप्पा / Paanipuri पानीपूरी

Average cost for 1 plate including 10 Pieces  in New Delhi

In street – INR 10 -200 (US $ 0. 16 – 0.32)

In Restaurant  – INR 20 (US $ 0.32 ) +

To be honest, Indian women seem crazier for this food than men. At evening time, you will find every round bar and corner hijacked by these golgappa walas . And men, women, kids  all by taking a small plate on hand like beggars stands in front of golgappa wala and he gives everybody one by one.

Personally, I like its golgappa’s water more.

  1. Kulche Chhole कुलचे छोले
famous indian street food
Kulche Chhole found in the street of New Delhi.

It’s another super loved street food of Delhi. There are two things in this food- bread & curry. The bread is like roti/chapatti but not thin & round it is normally. It’s more like rectangular, thick and spongy which we eat with very peppery & spicy dried chickpeas curry.

Average cost for 1 plate including two Kulche in New Delhi

In street – INR 25 -40 (US $ 0. 41 – 0.67)

In Restaurant  – INR 40 + (US $ 0.67)

See, this is how people sell Kuche chhole in the street of New Delhi in cycle – restaurant.

kuche chhole - famous indian street food
Kulche Chhole Being sold in Cycle in the street of Delhi. Source
  1. Khasta Kachauri खस्ता कचौरी

A puri shaped food with very spicy fillings of lentils. Though its Rajasthani food , it is very famous in Delhi.  As you know , Rajasthani is close to Delhi so, we do have many foods, culture , dresses exchanges. Generally, we eat Khasta Kachaur with hot peppery & spicy potato curry. We break the Kachauri it small pieces so that it will get deepen into the juice of curry and then eat with spoon. It’s amazing.

Tasty Rajasthani Food ” Khasta Kachauri” famous in Delhi’s street

Average cost for 1 plate including 3-4 Kachauris in New Delhi

learn hindi with anil mahato

In street – INR 15 -20 (US $ 0. 25 – 0.32)

In Restaurant  – INR 30 + (US $ 0.50)

Remember, every time you will eat this, your nose will start running it: P as its very spicy and peppery, but you will enjoy it so much.

  1. Ram Laddu राम लड्डू

A small ball like food made with Moong & Chickpea’s lentil’s flour. Deep fried in oil and served with spicy green chutney made with coriander, ginger, garlic, mint etc. It’s decorated with onion and radish. In your plate of Ram laddu you will always get one deep friend Chiili pakauda, which adds the taste in your tongue. But don’t worry generally such chillis are not so peppery. This food is more famous in winter but , you will get Ram laddu in entire season in the streets of Delhi.

Average cost for 1 plate including 10 Laddus in New Delhi

In street – INR 10 -15 (US $ 0.16  – 0.25)

In Restaurant  – INR 25 + (US $ 0.41)

ram laddu - a spicy indian snack
Spicy Ram Laddu’s in Chandni Chowk, New Delhi, India. Source
  1. Chaat चाट

Chaat originated from Uttar Pradesh India, had win the tongue not only Indias but also Nepali, Bangladeshi, Pakistani and many others. You will find chaat seller in street stalls as well as in good restaurant. Being Delhities, we love this food always, whether it’s winter or summer. It is one of the all time favorite snacks.

Chaat - tasty indian snack
Mouth watering super delicious Delhi Chaat. (Source)

Average cost for 1 plate in New Delhi

In street – INR 15 -30 (US $ 0. 25 – 0.50)

In Restaurant  – INR 40 + (US $ 0.67)

Chaat means to lick and I am sure you will lick your plate hehe 😀 . There are various types of chaat but some common ingredients of chaat are potato chips, dahi bhalla, yougurt, chopped onions, coriander, sev ( salty noodle), chaat masala consisting kala namak ( rock salt), amchoor, dried ginger, red pepper, black peper, and many more.

  1. Aaloo Tikki आलू टिक्की

Aaloo tikki from the name it is very clear, Aaloo means potato and tikki means a small piece. So, it means a small piece of potato which is very deep fried in oil. The boiled potato are deep fried and served with many spice, sweet chutney and curd (yogurt). It’s not so spicy so don’t worry about burning of your stomach and mouth. You will find Aloo tikki wala everywhere in Delhi along with Golgappa / Paanipuri.

Average cost for 1 plate including two Tikkis in New Delhi

In street – INR 15 -20 (US $ 0. 25 – 0.41)

In Restaurant  – INR 30 + (US $ 0.50)

  1. Bhelpuri भेलपुरी
Bhelpuri - tasty & chrunchy
Tasty, Spicy, Crispy & Crunchy Bhelpuri भेलपुरी being sold. Source

Bhelpuri is famous on go street food all over India, Nepal, Bangladesh and many other south Asian countries. Again it’s a spicy, pepery & sour food mixture of many ingredients like chickpeas, sevaiyan , onion, chilli, many kinds of friend lentil, namkeens, beaten paddy, tomato and many more. You will find Bhelpuriwala in every nook and corner of India, specially northern India. Not only girls, boys are also crazy for this food.

Average cost for 1 Plate

In street – INR 10 -20 (US $ 0. 10 – 0.32). But you can order for any denomination. This is not found in restaurant, I have not seen so far. This typical street food.

     10. Dahi Vada/Bhalla दही भल्ला

Dahi bhalla Chaat ( Delhi)
Dahi Bhalla दही भल्ला – Tasty, Sweet & Sour , India’s favorite Chaat. (Source)

Average cost Per Plate including 2-4 Bhallas in New Delhi

In street – INR 20 -30 (US $ 0. 32 – 0.50)

In Restaurant  – INR 45 + (US $ 0.70)

Dahi means yogurt and bhalla means balls. Bhalla is prepared by deep frying the balls made by different lentil flour, potato etc. Bhallas are crushed and yogurt is added along with some sweet chutney, spicy green chutney and some spices. It’s sweet, sour & spicy snack famous all over India. You must try this Dahi bhalla in your visit to India. It’s very popular among Delhi people.

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