Previous Hindi lessons on Introduction in Hindi :

1. How to say ” I am____”

2. How to say “You are ____”

3. How to say ” He/She is _____”

Now, in this lesson we are learning one advance form. We will also use the articles – a & an in above sentence. Before proceeding, I must suggest you, please master the concept above then only learn this tutorial. If you have master all above 3 structures of Hindi introduction, then let’s start.

Learn Hindi Step by Step 4 : Introduction in Hindi
Learn Hindi Step by Step 4 : Introduction in Hindi

Main Ek Ladka Hoon. ( I am a boy.)

मैं एक लड़का हूँ |

Main Ek Ladki Hoon. ( I am a girl).

मैं एक लड़की हूँ |

Tum Ek Ladka/Ladke Ho. ( You are a boy)

तुम एक लड़का /लड़के हो |

Tum Ek Ladki Ho. ( You are a girl)

तुम एक लड़की हो |

Vo Ek Ladka Hai. ( He is a boy)

वो एक लड़का है |

Vo Ek Ladki Hai. ( She is a girl)

वो एक लड़की है |

Main Ek Vidyarthi Hoon. ( I am a student)

मैं एक विद्यार्थी हूँ |

learn hindi with anil mahato

Tum Ek Vidhyarthi Ho. ( You are a student)

Vo Ek Vidhyarthi Hai. ( He/She is a student).

New Hindi Words to Learn & Remember:

Ek – One, A, An Ladka – Boy Ladki – Girl

Vidhyarthi (विद्यार्थी) – Student ,

Other similar words for student :

Male Student = Chhatra (छात्र)

Female Student = Chhatraa (छात्रा)

Sentence Structure to Learn & Remember :

Main Ek  ______ Hoon.  (I am a/an ____)

मैं     एक ________ हूँ |

Tum Ek ______ Ho. ( You are a/an ____)

तुम   एक ______ हो |

Vo ek ______ Hai.  He/She is an/an ____

वो   एक ______ है |

In the blank space you can use any proper noun or adjectives  to complete the sentence. And, if you understand how to insert a & an in the sentence then its time to do some practice. Make the Hindi sentences in the comment section below using article ek , I will check and correct them if I find any mistake.

Exercise 1. : Translate the following English sentences in Hindi.

1. I am a student.                       2. You are a doctor

3. He is an engineer                  4. I am a bus driver.

5. I am a writer.                          6. You are an engineer.

7. You are a nurse.                   8. She is an book seller.

9. I am a nurse.                         10. You are a professor.

11. I am an actor.                     12. You are a farmer.

Exercise 2 : Transform the above sentences of exercise 1 into other sentences changing the subject to He , She, You & I for both masculine and feminine if applicable. For example:

1. I am a writer = Main Ek Lekhak Hoon (M)

2. I am a writer = Main ek Lekhika Hoon (F)

3. You are a writer = Tum ek Lekhak Ho ( M)

4. You are a writer = Tum Ek Lekhika Ho ( F)

5. He is a writer = Vo Ek Lekhak Hai. (M)

6. She is a writer = Vo ek Lekhika Hai. (F)


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