How to say Yes and No in Hindi – Learn Most Used Hindi Phrase 17

How to say YES & NO in Hindi

In every language spoken around this world , Yes & No , these two words are one of the mos used while doing day to day conversation. So, I thought to make an episode on – how to say YES and NO in Hindi language. Certainly in Hindi also, knowing these two phrases are very important in your journey to speak Hindi. There are so many ways to express Yes & No, some are body language while some are just couple of words. Let’s take a look on this video then we will discuss further.

1. How to say Yes / Yeah in Hindi 

Hindi word for English “Yes” = Haan (हाँ)  , Haanjee (हांजी) = Haan(हाँ) + Jee (जी)

Both these Hindi words are very much used in daily Hindi conversation. The word Haanjee (हांजी) is more polite and sweeter over the word  Haan (हाँ). So, I will suggest you to use more Haanjee (हांजी) whenever you have to say Yes in while speaking Hindi or just to tease or  to impress your Native Hindi Speaking friends.

How to say Yes & No in Hindi
How to say Yes & No in Hindi

Pronunciation of YES in Hindi

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If you are English speaker or any other language then you have to learn the proper pronunciation of  Haan (हाँ). Though there is HaaN , N sound at last , this is pronounced very much less , almost 15 -30 %. It should just feel that you pronounce N, not strong N.

2. How to say No/ Nah in Hindi 

Hindi word for No/ Nah = Nahee(n) (नहीं), Nahee(n) Jee(नहीं जी), Naa (ना)

Any of the above 3 words you can use for saying No in Hindi language. But for formal language, I will suggest you to use Nahee(n) (नहीं) and  Nahee(n) Jee(नहीं जी) is even better.

Pronunciation of No in Hindi

Here Nahee(n) (नहीं, at last you have to add very soft nasalization N sound, just like we did in Haan(हाँ). If you watch in the video you ll notice a very very low nasalization at the end.

Let’s take some example :

A : Kya Tumhe Cricket Pasand Hai ? (Do you like cricket ?)

क्या तुम्हे      क्रिकेट     पसंद     है ?

B : Haan Mujhe Cricket Pasand Hai.( Yes , I like cricket)

हाँ     मुझे     क्रिकेट    पसंद      है |

C: Jee Nahee, Mujhe Cricket Pasand Nahi Hai. (जी नहीं, मुझे क्रिकेट पसंद नहीं है )

जी     नहीं ,   मुझे      क्रिकेट    पसंद    नहीं     है |


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