How to say WOW / Wonderful / Marvelous in Hindi – Learn Hindi Language 13

Welcome to 13th presentation of learning most commonly used Hindi phrases. In the previous video lesson, we learnt to say – I am just coming . Now this Hindi video tutorial will teach you to say – wow… marvelous in Hindi.

The Hindi word for Wow or Marvelous or Wonderful are so much. So I am picking one commonly used in day to day Hindi speaking  which is Kya Baat (क्या बात )! You will find this word in every Hindi speakers mouth so often.

Let’s take some examples to understand the use of this Kya Baat (क्या बात  Phrase in daily Hindi speaking.

learn hindi with anil mahato

Example 1 –  A 5 year kid make paper plane and shows hid dad.

Boy – Papa,  Papa.. Dekho Maine Hawai jahaj Banaya.

         पापा     पापा ..  देखो       मैंने       हवाई जहाज बनाया |

         Dad, Dad ..See I made airplane.

Father – Kya baat Hai beta.

            क्या     बात    है     बेटा |

             Wow.. wonderful son.

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