How to say Well Done in Hindi – Learn Most Used Phrase in Hindi 16

How to Say Well Done in Hindi

How to say well done in Hindi
How to say well done in Hindi

Welcome to 16th Hindi lesson. As you already know, we are learning most used Hindi phrases, sentences and expressions. Previously we have learnt to say Really with Surprise in Hindi. Now in this tutorial – How to say Well Done in Hindi. Watch this video I have prepared :

When somebody does good job or work, we need to appreciate his/her work. To appreciate it, we often use well done in English language. Similarly, in Hindi language also, we use well done phrase. But while saying it in Hindi, you have to take care of respect. Let’s discuss them in bullet.

1.  How to say Well done in Hindi to a Younger Person – Shabash (शाबाश)

When you have to say well done to a younger person in age than you, you can use this phrase -Shabash (शाबाश). But keep in mind, there must be some significant age difference between you and the person to whom you are saying this. ‘

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Examples –  Parents to their children, Teachers to student, Elder brother & sisters to younger one, Any random elder person on street can say Shabash (शाबाश) to younger person if he or she does some good work.

Note – Shabash (शाबाश) if you use while expressing well done , like well done dad, you should avoid using this phrase. It seems like you are not giving respect to him in words though you want to express that you are really impressed of his work/job. In funny mood its OK. But in formal hindi it won’t work well. So, remember to use this phrase only with younger person.

2. How to say Well done in Hindi to Similar Age Person

For saying Well done to a person who is similar to your age like your friends around or similar aged brothers , sisters , colleagues, co-worker etc. Then , you should avoid saying  Shabash (शाबाश). But still you can say well done by other phrases like –

Bahut Achchha …..verb in past indefinite…

बहुत    अच्छा ………….

Now in the blank space you can put any thing he/she did well.

For Example

1. Anil !Bahut Achchha ….Kaam Kiya….. ( You did work very well / well done)

अनिल ! बहुत    अच्छा    ….काम …किया |….

2. Bahut Achchha ….Khela….. ( You played very well/ Well done )

बहुत     अच्छा      ...खेला….. |

3. Bahut Achchha ...Pakaaya . ( You cooked very well/ Well done)

बहुत   अच्छा       .. पकाया… |

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