How to say thank you in Hindi – Learn Hindi Most Used Phrases – 5

Thank you in Hindi

In the previous lesson, we learnt how to say PLEASE in Hindi. In this presentation, we will learn another very important and frequently used expression – Thank you in Hindi language. To learn to say Thank  You in Hindi, watch the YouTube video I have made below.

As, you saw in the video, the word for the THANK YOU  in Hindi is – Dhanyavaad (धन्यवाद).

thank you in HindiSo, whenever you feel to express your gratitude  by saying “Thank you” while speaking in Hindi with Hindi speakers or just to impress some random Hindi speaking friend of you. You can simply say this phrase – Dhanyavaad (धन्यवाद).

We have one more word for saying thank you in Hindi, though it is imported from Urdu Language, but we use this very much while doing daily conversation. The word is – Shukirya (शुक्रिया).

As we have already learnt how to ask question like – How  are you ? and phrases like Please. So let’s take example –

Example 1 – Anil is male  & Ema is female.

Anil – Namaskar  ! Ema Jee , Aap Kaisi Hai ?

learn hindi with anil mahato

          नमस्कार |      एमा जी ,  आप  कैसी   हैं ?

       (Hello Ema, How are you ?)

Ema – aww..Anil Jee.. Main theek Hoon. Dhanyavaad Puchhne Ke Liye. Aur Aap Kaise Hain ?

             अ.. अनिल जी . मैं        ठीक     हूँ |      धन्यवाद         पूछने    के   लिए | और  आप  कैसे    हैं ?  

       (Aww.. Mr. Anil. I am fine. Thank you for asking . And how are you ?) 

Anil – Main Bhi Theek Hoon. Kripaya, Mujhe Aap Apna Kalam Dengee ?

         मैं      भी  ठीक        हूँ |    कृपया ,     मुझे   आप   अपना कलम     देंगी ?

       ( I am also fine. Will you please give me your pen ?)

Ema- Jaroor , Kyun Nahi. Lijeeye.

          जरूर,      क्यूँ    नहीं | लिजीये |

       ( of course , why not. Take it)

Anil – Ema Jee, Bahut bahut Dhanyavaad.

          एमा  जी , बहुत     बहुत      धन्यवाद |

       ( Miss Ema, thank you very much.)

This was a very simple conversation based on the things we have learnt in the previous Hindi lesson. More lesson we will cover , more conversation practice we will do.

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