How to say Please in Hindi – Learn Hindi Most Used Phrases – Lesson 4

In the previous Hindi Lesson 3, We learnt all the Hindi family and Relationship Words& Names. Now in this 4th presentation , I will teach you how to say Please in Hindi.

As, you see in the video,  the Hindi word for Please is – Kripaya (कृपया). Remember the word, and let’s use this word in some Hindi sentence.How to say please in Hindi

learn hindi with anil mahato

Anil, Kripaya idhar Aao.

अनिल कृपया इधर आओ |

Anil, please come here.


Kripaya, Apna Kaam Karo

कृपया ,   अपना  काम   करो |

Please, do your job/work.


Kripaya, Meri Madat Karo.

कृपया,    मेरी   मदत    करो |

Please, help me.


Kripaya Mujhe Hindi Sikhao.

कृपया    मुझे      हिंदी   सिखाओ |

Please, teach me Hindi.

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