How to say Excuse Me in Hindi – I am sorry in Hindi – Learn Hindi Lesson 6

In the previous video lesson, so far we have learnt

1. Hindi Greetings

2. How to say “How are you ? ” in Hindi

3. Mostly Used Hindi Family & Relationship Names

4. How to say Please in Hindi

5. How to say Thank you in Hindi.

After learning these all phrases, we are ready to learn new frequently used Hindi Phrase – Excuse Me in Hindi or How to say I am sorry in Hindi Language.

Watch the video I have created for saying I am sorry. Try to speak with me words are subtitled well, it will benefit your reading and pronunciation skills too.

So , As the video explained , the word for Excuse/ Sorry in hindi is Maaf (माफ़). Therefore, to say , Excuse me or I am sorry  or Forgive me etc, you have to simply say –

Mujhe Maaf Keejiye.

मुझे     माफ़    कीजिये |

Excuse me .

I am sorry in HindiAbove sentence can be said to both male and female. There is no problem with gender. But if your bring respect, then verb used at last will change slightly. Above line we will use when we are saying to some  respect person or elder people or to anyone whom you think, we have to show respect.

learn hindi with anil mahato

But, in friendly way, to our similar age people , you can say in Tum level .

Nitin Mujhe Maaf Karo. ( Nitin, Excuse Me / Nitin Forgive Me )

नितिन  मुझे  माफ़    करो  |

Sushil, Kripaya Mujhe Maaf Karo.(Sushila, please forgive me)

सुशीला,  कृपया    मुझे     माफ़    करो  |

Now, same thing , excuse me / Forgive me if you want to say to a very intimate close firend then again you can change the verb at last of the sentence.

Anil Mujhe Maaf Kar. ( Anil forgive me , Anil Excuse me )

अनिल मुझे  माफ़   कर |

Ema Mujhe Maaf Kar Yar. ( Ema, forgive me dude, Ema excuse me dude )

एमा मुझे माफ़ कर यार |

Sometime, you may can see “Dena(देना)” verb used in the verb place. For example –

Mujhe Maaf Kar deejiye.

मुझे      माफ़  कर   दीजिये |

In this example, meaning is again same , but I have used compound verb, Kar + Verb form.

Similarly , Mujhe Maaf Kardo(मुझे माफ़ करदो | )

& Mujhe Maaf Karde.(मुझे माफ़ करदे |)

I believe you understand the concept very nicely. Now, let’s jump to the next lesson – How to say Response Thank you in Hindi.

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