How to say I am Just Coming in Hindi – Learn Hindi Language 12

In the previous Learning Hindi tutorial 11 , we learnt to say – I am feeling sleepy. Now in this episode of most used Hindi phrases we will learn to say – I am just coming.

As you saw in the video, words I have used are –

Abhi अभी – Now

Aaana आना – To come

Aa Rha Hoon आ रहा हूँ  – Coming .. (masculine form)

Aa Rhee Hoon आ रही हूँ –  Coming .. (Feminine form)

learn hindi with anil mahato

Therefore,  Just coming .. (M)                          Just Coming ..(F)

Abhi Aa Rha Hoon                           Abhi Aa Rhee Hoon

अभी  आ  रहा     हूँ |                            अभी  आ  रही     हूँ |

Let’s illustrate some examples :

Mom – Anil Khana Taiyar Hai.

अनिल  खाना   तैयार   है |

Anil Dinner is ready.

Anil – Mummy, Abhi Aa Rha Hoon.

मम्मी ,   अभी   आ  रहा    हूँ |

Just coming mom.

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