How to say "I am feeling sleepy" in Hindi – Learn Hindi Language 11

In the previous video lesson, we learnt to say – Hurry Up in Hindi. This Hindi tutorial will teach you to say – I am feeling sleepy / I am sleepy in Hindi.

The Hindi word Sleepy is called – Neend (नींद)

and the verb for Feeling sleepy – Neend Aana (नींद आना)

Therefore,  I am feeling sleepy 

                 Mujhe Nind Aa Rhee Hai

                 मुझे    नींद    आ   रही    है |

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Similarly,  I am feeling very sleepy.

               Mujhe Bahut Neend Aa Rhee Hai.

               मुझे       बहुत    नींद    आ   रही     है |

This Hindi video tutorial will probably help you more .. take a look on this video:


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