How to say HURRY UP in Hindi – Learn Hindi Language 10

In the previous video Hindi tutorial, we learnt to say – how lovely in Hindi, depending on gender, number and respect. Now in this presentation we will talk about – Hurry Up in Hindi.

The word for Hurry in Hindi is Jaldee (जल्दी). All the fast word like , quickly , rapidly , speedily etc all can be represented by single hindi word Jaldee (जल्दी). So depending upon situation, we will use this Hurry differently. It is always better to learn with examples.


1. Let’s say you are moving in group, and you are leader of the group. Like you are elder brother and your brother and sisters are following you behind. They are walking slowly. You want them to walk fast, so , you can say ..

Jaldee Chalo (जल्दी चलो … ) Hurry up ! walk faster 

learn hindi with anil mahato

2. Let’s say you are the supervisor at some company and you manage the working of employee. If you find them working slow, you are supposed to say work faster, in such situation ,

Fast fast … Work faster – Jaldee Jaldee.. Jaldee karo ..  (जल्दी जल्दी .. जल्दी करो …)

3. Let’s say you are eating some food, and suddenly you are called by mom. And she is saying , eat fast.. hurry up .. eat fast ..

So, in such situation,

Hurry Up, eat quickly  – Jaldee karo .. .. jaldee khao .. (जल्दी करो , जल्दी खाओ )

So conclusion is , Hurry up … (Verb infinitive) fast = Jaldee (जल्दी)…. ( Hindi verb) …..

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